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Dance On Ur Own 2 Feet

It's Friday, it's time to DANCE! 🕺🎭 Me and the lads are shifting gears, it’s time to harness the power of pop and make people smile with Dance On Ur Own 2 Feet, our new single out NOW ➡️

This is a song about blazing your own trail, standing up for and believing in who you are…giving space to the things you are passionate about and taking what time we have left to celebrate the wonders of living and the unique talents that everybody has. I wanted to write something that would be uplifting and encouraging in these tragically dark days. Obviously there is a queer theme in all of my songs buy that is just part of the story here. Be true to who you are and be true to your passions and your loves and, as they say ‘F**k the begrudgers!

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