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The Wings of Your Love is the first song that I wrote the lyrics for so it’s a special moment for me. Jimmy and I wanted to write a full-of-joy love song that one might imagine as the theme tune to a big romantic movie. Musically it’s inspired by of the sounds of Elton John, David Bowie and the Beatles and lyrically it depicts that fluttery “sunny” feeling of falling in love.

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Paul Simon initially felt that the lyrics he wrote for Bridge Over Troubled Water were maybe too simple. He said they came to him too easily and too quickly, but it later became clear to him that the lyrical simplicity is what gave the song its global universal appeal. Paul McCartney also talks about this simplicity in his lyrics, as did Stephen Sondheim, who said that the magic is in the music so the lyrics don’t need to be complicated. I’m paraphrasing but I do feel that’s true. For lyrics…and Life…Keep it simple!! I hope you like both of these records. They were each a pleasure to sing and to create with my fabulous band.” – JD Kelleher

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