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JD Kelleher is an Irish LGBT actor and singer who lives in London. After reaching No.1 and No.2 in the Irish chart with his first two singles and epic live shows with 70’s Rock legend Arthur Brown, JD Kelleher was the support act to legendary Dublin guitarist Bernie Tormé in London, Manchester and Brighton on his final tour. (Tormé died in 2019)

London based JD and his band have headlined regularly in London at venues such as The Dublin Castle Camden and The Water Rats in Kings Cross. Of course 2020 put an end to ALL live performances and the show went online when we all retreated to lockdowns.

Kelleher did not sit still though. He released two singles in 2020, with ‘Jump’ being released in February just prior to the first lockdown, and in April he released a cover of the classic Carlos Santana tune ‘Put Your Lights On’. Both were accompanied by videos on his YouTube channel.

“Luckily for us, we had already filmed and edited two videos by the time we landed in Lockdown” says JD. “I was very happy to get ‘Put Your Lights On’ out there. Our take on the song is very different to the original.  It’s available to stream wherever you listen to stuff, but the video is on my YouTube and was selected for the first London Rocks Film Festival which took place in October 2020, in an actual real venue as well as online” says JD.

An actor by trade, its perhaps not surprising that JD’s videos and visuals play a big role in his music. His epic, cinematic, REDEEM (written by Dubliner Peter M Smith and produced by Londoner Herman Stephens) won the Best Music Video at the Brighton Rocks Film Festival 2019.

In recent months, 2021 was kicked off with a positive and fresh start, with JD’s latest single ‘Give Me Light’ released January as a much needed burst of positivity, with a cinematic and choreographed music video shot on the idyllic beaches of Fanore, County Clare. Watch here:

Autumn 2021, JD Kelleher released a biographical celebration of Pride, with new single and video ‘Too Much’, filmed at London’s first #ReclaimPride which took place in central London in July 2021, in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter:



Give Me Light

2021 - January


2020 - February


2018 - August

Blitzkrieg Bop

2016 - August

Love Will Tear Us Apart

2015 - April

Put Your Lights On

2020 - April

Somebody / Nobody

2018 - December

Avenge The Maybes

2016 - November


2016 - March

The Ugly Tree

2017 - EP



“The Ugly Tree is soaked in classic rock swagger and defiance, Kelleher draws upon his rage, humour and character to deliver a truly powerful performance that strikes a unique chord with his audience” -

“Avenge the Maybes is powerful and rousingly anthemic” -

"The new video delivers a cinematic and encapsulating choreography of dance, reflection and light, filmed on the idyllic beaches of Fanore, County Clare" -

"The song is a free expression of love and desire between two men. In that sense it's a love song. As a gay man and a gay artists, of course it means the world to me to be able to do that... I don't hear nearly enough of that on the radio... but all that aside, I love the song. Pop music has always been a huge part of my life, and lockdowns have reconnected me with that passion" - JD Kelleher via



April 12 - The Dublin Castle, London, UK
March 31 - The Gunners, London, UK
February 23 - The Water Rats, London, UK
February 2 - Nambucca, London, UK w/ Camden Rocks

December 20 - The Dublin Castle, London, UK
November 24 - The Water Rats, London, UK
October 7 - The Dublin Castle, London, UK
August 4 - The Dublin Castle, London, UK
June 25 - The Garage, London, UK
February 11 - The Dublin Castle, London, UK

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